a collection of three

the word is obvious. he used it to explain the simplicity of tone and accuracy in which he was able to understand her. Jade eyes explain the force that would creep from outstretched hands into his chest holding him off and keeping him there.

the day would start slowly with overextended slumber and broken speech. he reached his destination with the optimism that could only be described as childlike. he pushes collegiate naiveté to the wind and moves to capture light through clouds dense and unyielding. it is him, not Juliet that is the east. the transit runs smooth over rails and when it approaches river running southward. he’s sees the summit on his left rising above the nuisance that is glare found now with permanence. it is again he that is the sun come to reverse that sin that sits like oil on the water.

she is to be called Surrender and offers herself to him like fruit and fresh slaughtered meat. he reminds himself that this first energy is a mirror for his endless debauch. he has kept it at distance for the tide will remove excess as if to remove skin and the outer trappings of his youth. he will remain as he is without age or face. without the trick of everyday he is mutating and creating himself and his world as a turn to the right reveals another summit half existing like another mirror lying closer than what is comfortable.

Soledad stretches her feet on the cool and hard unyielding tile. the shower this morning revealed that indeed there is need and want and desire and the moisture falling around her face reminds him that we are in fact born of the elements. she in turn is reminded with every hardened water molecule that she is indeed a reflection of what she pushes to the outside of her reason. it is at this junction that she towels hurriedly and reaches for phone. she will love herself more than she will love him. she will find the irregular pieces of yesterday cumbersome and place them together besides each other fusing through belief a portrait and landscape to provide safety in wholeness.

Jade matches this urgency as she approaches her car.

Surrender unlocks door and retreats to bed.

Soledad will keep this wish to herself as the familiar hum of an unnamed assistant catches her ear, eyes now closed tightly eyelash now pressed to face.

Jade is searching through bag for the things she forgot, for the things she will need to feel finished today. she is practiced in finishing and would have more of him on her skin, crashing through imagery of outstretched hands and swollen heaving chest. what began as a mark and blemish on burning sun surface has been modified by dinners cooked and wine bottles opened. she is giving away the hardened defenses of yesteryear and noticing with open mind that what she has asked for is flowing into her as the flow of god permeates mind and allows this to be. the day has slowed, time has moved downward like a shade and Jade forces key into place. as the lock releases it grip on isolated warmth she takes pause….there is a faint strumming outside her door. the faint strumming is a bullhorn for pain and the voice that accompanies it moves her hand to hair and her fingers to release it. his words are clearer as the chords build “ i see you flying, like you’re trying to be free”.