arm in a sling

i finally heard you when you said orgasms aren’t enough
it’s hard to ignore what is so obvious
like romantic guitars for girls in prison, 
i fixate sometimes on the obvious
the knowing days are leaving,
i’d like to fixate 6 inches behind the words as they’re formed and pushed from your mouth,
i want to settle somewhere in that energy
make it last
keep it close
sometimes i wander too far
and become aware of the distance between us
i want your voice closer
i need it closer because i’m so new to this
i’m so new to knowing your mind and beliefs
its the unknowing
and i feel drum like
there is resonance beneath the rim of me
so i echo your striking mannerisms
an echo that reminds me of the distance
its when you chew your lip
that i feel closer
it surprises me
my partiality that leads to physical affection
i feel you
my response reinforces
your response
its your idea that sympathizes with my idea
a symphonic, perfect sympathy
i’m optimistic and double wrapping the leash
tight around my hand , a restraint for my compassion
i won’t confuse the reality
i won’t rush to change things and fool myself into thinking
i’m rushing to your aid
fool myself into a tunnel
its good to watch ones breath