“dimples are underdeveloped face muscles” she smiled into my face

If I could have that night back. That night you grabbed a cab and came over. The night you rubbed your foot down the length of my calf. The night you attacked me wrapping the whole of you around me, down the whole of me. The night you said” I didn’t shave is that alright.” The night I played outside for you like I always did. If I could have that moment i saw them watching us do what we felt we must do. The moment you followed me upstairs into
my room past the shower and past my door. The moment you sat back in my bed and I pulled my paintbrushes out. I started painting and you waited. You waited until I came to bed beside you. That night I fumbled with your clothes and squinted through half light to see your body there in the cover of that night. If I could have that night back, I would’ve showered.