I have been dashed again and again. This is nothing compared to the amazing Grace and beauty of the Holy Spirit. The trials I have brought on myself. Nothing compared to the sacrifice of Your Son. Your beautiful Son. You gave Him for us. Thank You.

I didn’t listen to the things You said always Lord. We have our paths. You know the beginning and the end Lord. I knew better. You have her, You will take care of her. I wasn’t ready. I wanted to glorify Your name with a family, with the next right action. She is Yours Lord I am without power.

I have You Lord. I have taken something so precious to me and thrown it at great risk. I’m very much blessed. That You have protected me from me.

Thank you Lord.

Everything I am. Everything I’ve become. Every opportunity in front of me. All this because of You. It was with You and my commitment to what was right.

I want to thank You. She is Yours. Not mine to consider. You have her. I know You do Lord. I know You do.

Please Lord, help me strengthen the bond between my daughter and I. I’ve been proud. And pride is a problem between You and I. What I did to glorify me.. Lord. Everything for Your Glory. I’m only want to Love as You do.

Please forgive me every Sin starting with the lust in my heart Lord, please forgive the selfish prideful ways…search my heart and take it out. Leave nothing Lord. Take it all Lord.

You see all truths .. I am only able to see those You’ve laid out for me.

With You Lord Almighty things are possible. Please continue to search heart. Please Lord.

In Jesus name


“Eve is still reaching for that apple. Eve is still saying more. You put us in the garden. Eve is still listening to the aether and the serpent. Her husband and children suffer greatly for her transgression. Generational curses… Eve birthed Eve…” — — -Moses in the Wild

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