Good morning,

My heart is over flowing, You have revealed to me a great many things this last few weeks. There’s something consuming the everyday thought and it is direct and unyielding in it’s approach. It is more than a singular ember, it is warming the whole of the earth. Thank you Lord, for these moments of absolute clarity.

Purpose Lord, I am patient, and I’ve found that if I am open, You put purpose driven tasks in front of me. Please continue to use me for Your Will. I am starting to see that there is so much more than what is on my heart, to do and achieve. I’m thirsty Lord for the Living Water You offer. Please use me to further Your Will. It is my salvation.

You have taught me that a vision must have clear attainable goals. Goals are targets Lord, thank You. You have said to bear witness to how fertile the earth is, how fertile our lives become when our faith is firmly planted, when our eyes are on You.

Like the trees I heard You whisper be steadfast. Take root. You blessed me with someone beautiful and true. She seems to have been sent and made from strands of Your hair. I will be steadfast Lord. Search my entirety and keep me away from those that would seek to harm me.

I have to trust the way I am loved. I have to seek to only understand and not define. The gifts You’ve given me Lord. I can be sloppy and careless. Because of You Lord my life.. all is full of Love. Thank You. My mornings, my midday and my evening full of Love. The concrete under my feet, the desires of my filthy heart.. full of Love.Thank You, please continue to heal and protect her Lord. Protect her heart Lord. It is beautiful.

protect my family. These are uncertain times and the only certainty is turning to You for guidance and help. The only certainty is that through You we can finally tap into that thing You placed inside us all. That energy that is Your breath. Please bring the lost ones home Lord.

Let Your Light​ soak my skin. Thank You


Hope is not as powerful as a goal anymore. We sat and said we would see. We sat and said let’s build together. Hope won’t get it done. We have to set goals, we need to mark the days and move toward what it is we want. We can pray for the money to pay a bill, but when we get it we still have to actually pay the bill. It is this way with most things, the work must match the intention.

What good is commitment left blowing in the wind, like a flag of last year’s accomplishments. We can start from a position of strength and unity. this a step into a new culture for you and I, You, you I love

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