Good morning,

Rough start. My thinking. It’s my issue. I really need relief from the things I put myself through. I need to be more accountable.


The table is set. There’s a place for me at it. I wish to be seated here with You. I need You to remove the ideas I’ve grown so comfortable with. The way I play the victim. The way I accuse the innocent. My constant play for attention, my narcissistic game. Just remove it. Please. Only You can do this. Show me how to just be. I want to just be.


Help me learn the various languages people use to say they love me. Help me learn to temper my tone, to be generous with my trust and love. I’m failing Lord. I’m failing.

I am so weak and self serving at times. Show me how to be of use. A servant to You and not to my ideas, my idolatry, my will.. not mine but Yours Lord.

I know You will help us now. Thank you. Thank you

In Jesus name Amen