good morning


I want to thank You. Your movement in my life, so forceful and swift. You have returned the beauty and the truth to my humble existence. I am so grateful.

but that’s not why I'm here today. I'm here to ask you for Strength. I'm here to stay connected to that Power that provides Faith, and calms obsession.

You know already that many suffer and I'm asking for You to be diligent in Your healing. I know you are omnipotent and there is no greater power. I need you to help my friend see that You and You alone can alter his path. please see to it that he come home. Please move within him Lord. only You have the power he lacks. I pray You help him see it.

cover him Lord. cover him and keep him. it is Your Will, my prayer is that he spend more time here with us. return him to his purpose filled life if that be Your Will Lord.

Please continue to teach me Your ways. Teach me so that I can show others and be a beacon of Your divine light.

Thank You for the healing You’ve provided in her life. thank You for forgiving me, I have not been as careful with what is Yours. through You and You alone, I will make this life You’ve given me Yours.

God help us all. Lord touch us all. fill us all to overflow.

please Lord.


you are the feel of everything naturally occurring within me. I love you so much. please pray for our mutual friend.

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