I don’t know anything at all. I know that your voice is immaculate. I looked into you, past your skin, past that perfect row of teeth. I looked into the smallness of your hands and the feelings I found there. I looked past myself, over my shoulder, past the night and into your eyes. I mouthed the words “ I want to be your family”, I crawled into that fist bumping back at you crawling even faster away.

The challenge is waiting for you. Not for you, I could wait forever, the challenge is that impossibly difficult next right move of waiting for you. I know your hair naturally curled when you exit the shower, soft like new baby against my chest, I know this is worth it. The challenge is resisting. The reward is the wait. Resisting is the gift.

I know nothing of your feelings except the pain I sometimes see flash behind your eyes black as night like mine. I know nothing of your heart except for the trusting cadence I hear beating like mine. I know nothing of your love except for when we pray and you catch breath and rhythm like mine. I know nothing as I am no master. I know only that’s its you, you I love, its you with a name that means promise. You the girl with a name like promise. You the action that is not yet a word or a feeling or a dawn. You

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