Defend it now

I will pull something out of this. I'll sit on this train. I'll look for you in their faces. I'll rearrange their lips and replace them with yours. I'll listen to the same songs and feel the same way I did a few hours ago, before the question.

I will save your life.

Vulnerable isn't a poorly built wall. It's not a way in, when we are struggling to keep everyone out. It's bare chested and visceral.

I will save your life.

The invitation is and will be there torn where we ripped it open too fast. It is wet with anxiety. Our love won’t save anything or anyone. What about the invisible I do’s sitting on the edge of your sighs and lip biting and breaths so deep so audible. I have spoken your name in every thing I have said.

I will save your life.

I’ve been waiting for you to remember the moment before they closed and welded that door with you on the inside. I want you to remember me as I pounded from the outside, from the window, from my own private cell full of gratitude and unexpressed I love you’s so full of promise so full of blood.

One sin leads to another . Why doesn't love touch your heart like fear does?
I will save your life. Tuck it under my cape as I'm running away. Tuck it into my bag behind the book I've been waiting to to deliver to you. Why does love never touch my heart like fear does?

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