It’s amazing how quickly things can change. All you truly need to do is to hold on.. I think that there’s something to self care. Something to community. I guess I’m saying that we need not struggle alone. Fuck that we need not struggle. It’s important to know yourself. It’s also important to trust that knowledge. I don’t have to bend my truths to fit anything other than the simple reality that I am. I am.

Today started so fucked. That’s not the reality. From now on its all positivity. It’s the manifestation of beauty.

There’s an art show in my future. I’ve been away for a bit over a year. Have I a perspective to share? Sure. I have a life experience. It’s up to me to embrace the unmasking of me. Why did I cover up what has been blessed so shamefully anyway? I can feel the sunrise. I can sit there on the bridge as it opens to allow the ships through. It’s more about the I can and the Love filled intention behind the I will.

“This is a man

Not to be defined by my job

Or the circumstance

That comes when you

become you” — — conversations song lyric--- dove and olive--- hybridantennae recording 2017

‘I am to return to where it all began, where it continues to begin. The heart is relentless ​in it’s mission to commune with the human spirit” — — Moses in the Wild

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