its risky sometimes
to open your mouth
its amazing how much holding something in can hurt
involuntary action can come off
pure as a miracle
there are so many miracles
so many charged
bringing night for
the quiet
and still
 meditations for
more, more and more

in the ocean
we could float out here for days
we could build an igloo
crawl inside
strip to furs
our motion an investment in reusables
 it produces seed
and we will use it
to seed
and more more more
we have to change the face and soul of
american environmental policy
trade poverty for equality
change that policy
honor and celebrate
merry making town criers of
guerrilla art specialists
i want to hear her practice her share
drinking her from a
glass dangling from fingers so long
and smooth
i want to see her guttural , primal
animal skin spirit
refusing wine for water
organizing to demand better policy
throwing deeds in the harbor
phone tapping criminal presidents
why not celebrate the risk associated with opinion
i would celebrate with a tango
one hot long drawn out
fast kicking
slow desperate dragging
ritualized fire in the mind
fire in the hips
it would feel like a perfect margarita
a perfect anything and tonic
my chest is moving in and out of reality
thinking about that dance
with the fast yet slow
sway of her dress
her knees pointing
drawing you in
wrapping itself around you
all detached from its owner
just that leg
tapping out a code
for dark
deviant lust
i may celebrate annually
or even bi weekly
i will channel and manifest
a strong astral presence
tossing roses to the gladiators
frosting the earth
sending trays of ice on the wind to cool the
boiling ocean
steaming then shocking the broccoli
anything to bring life and color
to the dead zones of current american bully policy
police state policy
war on drug dealers
not drugs policy
the energy policy
the no same sex unions policy
the idea that systems in place
work better than progress
or empathy
the 3 strike rather kill you policy
i too refuse tea for water
instead i
embrace the labor activist martin luther king
the governmentally critical
advocate for
democratic socialism
dr martin luther king
we are past dreaming
the tide doesn’t stay out
because we’re still awake
change is imperative in its balance
change is imperative for our balance

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