not even aware

A person wonders aloud about the inconsistencies. We call it up, it’s name is the divine. We choose to see beyond what’s actually there. We are loud in our choosing. We are abrupt in our judgment. The tired man, belly full, is honest in his fullness. The energetic man is foolish in his want. Hidden is his fullness. He will take more as his breath is short. There is great joy in the insider’s room, where all the people that know this live. They are stretched out like cats. They are wearing turbans and stretching further into their divine idea.

The truth, I think, is broken like a broom stick. Both sides are jagged and reluctant to come together. The pushing and shoving of the past is left oar less at sea. The oppressive narcissus is lost deep in thought, shifting to regret, over time shifting to anger. All is not lost to the young god that struggles with clarity. The young goat that struggles will not mourn the lost limb or other extreme metaphor for imbalance. We are not imagined. We are, which is to say, we always were. We are before the knowledge of other things inanimate or full motion. Things with pulses only existed to us that were before these thing were. We see it clearly. We accept it as proof when the only actual proof is born of our own minds. At times, there is cause for nationalism, religion, community and civic pride. Those behaviors are taught as well, which leaves room to contemplate language and recipe. Room to denounce expressions in their completion ,in their half steps
climbing forcefully from lower gurgle to absolute concert tone. A dial tone from the static of silence. A heartbeat from the sound of water gliding over smooth pebble. Oddly similar in quiet imaginative manifestations, completely different in impact when pebble is eye, or when heartbeat is slowed to sluggish collapse. We will make room for the change in temperature and wait consciously. We can buy tickets for the fastest way out once we decide that there is an in and not just a made for TV mock up. If this is dream then I will march right up and demand they put our shit in our hands.