Not going back

The struggle. It’s just not for me anymore. I don’t want this everyday back and forth. I know who I am now. Well I know where I am. I’m here. My voice is developing and I’m happy to let it.

They say we are the measure or average of the people we surround ourselves with. That’s something I’ll keep close to my heart. I want to move upward. I want momentum.

Momentum, growth. I want to be able to help others. That’s the point of having a voice. That’s the point of working on yourself. Doing the steps it takes to move from powerless to capable.

I’ve always been capable. They used the word potential. I’ve been selling myself short.

Humility, being humble. These are imperatives. I’m not better, I’m just me. I’m different from many and similar to many. I’m simply doing the next right thing. That means thinking of myself a whole lot less than I have in the past.

Love is generous, and compassionate. It is gentle and it has a roar. What is this life without it. I want to share my everything but I can’t force anyone to take it. Love is patient. Love is real. It’s good to be real too.

Positivity and gratitude are the center of my days. I’m thankful for the Love I’ve experienced. Thankful for the pain I’ve endured to get here. They say God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. That’s not true at all. Powerless as we are we can’t truly handle anything. Still it’s not the sea at peace it is us in the boat at peace on the sea that matters. It’s our connection with God that provides that peace.

I am connected to the greatest power in the history of all things. I am thankful for it. My gratitude is an action today. My prayers are being answered. I am matching the work and willing to work harder. I am getting to that place everyone calls healthy but few find and I am never ever going back. I will do whatever is necessary to be one with all things, at peace and a benefit to those around me. I can raise the average.

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