red wire green wire

ours is a perfect definition of connection. that current that is currently running wild out of it’s skin. what is love without the searing pain of regret? what is regret without the knowledge of truth, that peaceful place we could huddle together in.

I watch you, crawling in and out of yourself. I watch you watching your legs walk passed you sitting there, drawn out like dried tobacco. I am wringing out the last of my water to feed your air borne embers. what I am if not tethered to your feet in my mouth? what am I if not fighting for air tied to your breast?

the rains have stopped pounding themselves against the roof of your car. i am not smothered by your hair and kisses. I am lying on my belly, signing letter after letter with “your mind is the flow of God”, I am signing letter after letter with “I love you always”, even after the sin and retribution of biting down and not letting go.

the man in your mind that you won’t kick out is burrowing down past your lungs to find residence on your​ ladder. the man that has broken his face off and replaced it with anger is changing his tires and rotating them for a longer turn. there is nothing as great as hope. there is nothing as great as faith. there is no one as beautiful as a fallen human struggling to pick themselves up. it is in that effort that beauty is found. it is in the perfection of your lips that all music is heard. I am running passed your legs as they dance round us both.

I love you and it can’t be held inside hands as small as yours. I love you and it can’t be painted on your eyelids. it can only be felt by the beasts in the sea I hold it in. it can only be seen in the hair of the stallions that deliver it here. I love you and it won’t be felt by cheeks turned away.