This word appears in the Bible 420 times… got your attention?

What do we know about it really? It’s been eluding the majority of the world for centuries. We wage war to get it. We slam doors in our homes, delete people from social media seeking it. We throw up two fingers when disgusted and when leaving it’s peace out.

Who can say they are a broker of peace?

Peace is something you bring. It’s not something to find. What? Yeah it’s not about relaxing or being settled, having bills paid, it’s kind of just being quiet in conflict.

We bring the wages of our actions on ourselves. That’s right. We create it and it sucks but it’s true. So how do we bring peace? How do we foster good relationships with others promoting peace, promoting what is best for all, because let’s face it we can’t please everyone. Doesn’t mean we give up.

Communication. Open honest communication. Understanding. Wow that’s a doozy. Truly seeking to understand another person from a place of empathy? I’ve actually experienced this. But when we wage war with ones we love why is peace the last gift we offer?

We offer apologies and crude acknowledgements to promote peace or keep the peace, but none of that is honest. How can we keep the peace when there is no peace?

This is a meditation for me this week. I’m not looking for peace, I’m going to distribute peace, everywhere like a drug cartel. I’m going to bring it. It’s part of the promises we have as children of God, as children of logic, as children of the Earth. Peace on Earth? Perhaps we should stop looking to others to bring peace and bring it ourselves. Peace within, peace to you all.