Simplified truths, promises explained.

Grace. I don’t deserve it but I have it anyway. It has been given to me despite the way I feel, despite the things I’ve done. It is an incredible form of pure Love. It is safety, and easily taken for granted.

I have to pray for the old woman with the biting words. This is how I’ll find the similarities between her and I. This is where I’ll find the sunlight and the doves. Honesty isn’t a pot of boiling water. Honesty offers more stability than that.

There are times that I still want to hear what I want to hear. Times when I feel like a house without electricity. I don’t need to feel spiritual to take a spiritual action.

Circumstance is not identity. Emotions are not identity. Social status is not identity. We gain identity through our actions. I am not the measure of others feelings about me. I’ve been told that is none of my business.

The day takes that slight turn, the clouds move and you’re facing the daybreak. A warm smile, or colored hearts shared between you and I can be a good as fresh baked bread.

The need to spend an endless day in bed with you is burning a hole in the roof of my heart. Heat rises. Your hand in mine, so do I.

I defer to you because you’re magnificent. It is common knowledge that I will always love you.

If there were only 47 ways then I would build a bridge to the 48th. This is a sprinkle of cinnamon for the resonant fire of your hair, stuck to me like paint.

Connection doesn’t make the spark, it’s the energy flowing through that connection. If we don’t pedal, the bike will cease it’s forward movement and eventually fall over.

I will never stop chasing and renewing and assuring. I will never stop climbing or repainting. It is in the layers and I will experience the drying of the third and fourth coats as hungrily as the first.

God is a refuge. Your bed is a refuge. The grounding of the malady in the embrace of what is Holy, and what is sacred is the path. Your kiss is a means of nurture. I am well fed on the path.

You should know that I do, you should know that I will. This is not the last yes I’ll offer you like sugar and cream. This is an important yes. But not the last yes.

“running through the city I am wearing the smell of you, the ferocious and supple heart of you” — — Moses in the Wild

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