step one again

there is so little we can control. so little. I’m reminded this morning that not doing something is not quite the same as doing something.

there is no doing in the not doing, and even less in the undoing of things.

it is not enough to denounce fear without embracing courage.

it is not enough to say you Love without a Loving action.

it is not enough to be selfless, in the face of selfish self centered behaviours.

in the rooms we say things like let go and let God

we challenge each other with the notion that all we have is today and a daily reprieve from a 3 part illness.

we say things that we don’t mean, things that we struggle to do, goals unmet.

I’m certain that all this doesn’t matter. it is not what we say it is simply what we do. it is the ways we seek to serve ourselves that linger.

i have 207 days of clean time. some of that time I’ve been sober. I’ve learned that there is no cure. I’ve also learned that if you ask the question you should be prepared for the answer. the largest lesson?

Fear is hell in the body in the spirit and the mind.

it is a boulder in front of your door that can’t be moved by your power alone. It cant moved by anyone else either. together one day at a time it can be budged. together leaving arrogance behind it can be moved a little each day.

they told me that if i love you then i should Love you and accept you.

i know that since i love you i can Love you and accept you.