watching it

i saw it drip onto the floor.

i stood by while it oozed from you.

i watched.

i watched with the imagination of the first skin.

i heard you the first time.

i was cloaked.

don’t ask again.

the ground

shows disturbance

but there is no sound

I’m not going to tell you….
if i do…. you’ll avert your eyes, and favor a side to your motion.
a distraction I’d rather not give you,
a thought I’d rather leave here
don’t ask me that either……… I got in…
will never matter……….
mhmmm hmm.
I sometimes feel scared at first, especially since I’m always barefoot
its a calming thing
its the first stage of nudity
it isn’t a joke
or a tease
its the fruit of my radar ducking efforts
I see your nudity
and your needs spelled out like simple desires
I hear the ass pounding, and the hard sucking, soft caressing, nails in your cupcake 
I’m only alpha in minor settings………
time is a minor setting
on your car stereo
mostly its just a measure for planning other minor settings
those king of the fools, type rejected but, giving it the ol’ college try settings.
a saxophone told me this today
so i know its true
I know the freer way
I met someone that likes to see me, hidden behind curtains
she says she likes being frightened
scared is stupid
and stupid’s still scared
still we’ve been racing toward that month long heat wave.
its a public health risk, the fire i witness in you
one hand in my pants
I’m a closet arsonist
coming back to shoot the scene up into my arm
so throw your face out the window
so I can pick it up
and find the traces of you clinging to the underside of both it
and you
and force them under my fingernails
then I will buy a mixed energy vehicle
I know they stopped saying cunt
and with mixed emotions bought a mixed up car.
its better for the air
and its important to have clean airways
once, from a close range
I heard him whisper in her ear
I want these airways clean, these are my airways
I blew smoke out into the space that was the back of her head
his blindfold
made it easy
he had the I’m in the dark being watched kinda expression
tied up there,
watching but not watching,
living proof that anticipation is good.
anticipating a fire girl’s needs
is a futuristic woman forward
it’s a helping an elderly woman across the street type 
watching you
is reading out loud
while climbing stacks pf photographic mannequin perfection
if i close my eyes i lose your glisten
with my eyes closed
i connect with my own imagination
making you do things
you’re not familiar with doing
giving you feelings your not familiar with having
touching those places your not familiar with knowing
your apathy told me that
so i know its true