what is only ours

you know that moment
the moment where you’re close
closer to that energy that’s been escaping you
i am so close
we have spent time considering
how can we close the gap
sometimes the gap is salvation
the distance will provide shelter
shelter to put ducks in a row
i can’t convey the freedom this provides
i want you to imagine it with me
wow the thought is ………….
i see a blue that i have seen before
right in front of me
the breath you emit gives credit
to the ripple effect
the butterfly theory
about wings and swords
mutation and growth
my favorite word
another i like is strength
as i do not have you
i can smile
if you were next to me
this would be evident
i want to give you something
something i made
a chord that you can’t forget
that you love to play
i like that you understand chords and their place amongst us
among us?
i like that you do what i need to do
i like that you share the need
with me
with us all
i play faster than i should
like the notes are fleeing
i scream politically
i love that you understand this
i love the distance
it keeps you from judging
gives me the illusion that you never will
keeps me warm in that maybe i am
what you need
when i know you need nothing
i place the weight on my shoulders and bend closer to earth
then back up
i want you know the processes
the time it takes
the sacrifice you make everyday for the ones that you must
i love your integrity
your loyal face
i wonder if english is your first
i wonder about the days that pass
each day given for high fives and
vaporized highs
i think that a plane ride might blow out an otherwise resilient candle
this i cannot afford
i will never be the cause
how about me beside you
i press the poundage up
to raise shoulders to carry that worry
i write chords to erase it
yes erase it
not like a pill that others may swallow
load into otherwise free spaces
smitten is part of my update
there it is again
a difficult method
typed out between these lines
a new tattoo for older flesh
my celibacy will pay off
as i will know beyond these electric glows
what is it that you were sent to tell me
then and only then will my voice reach the register of the gods
a singular vibration to ease down your feather lined neck
you deserve better than what you have seen
probably better than me
the truth you seek lies in that dimension set away from this place
and that place
the truth lies neutral
set deep inside
so deep that i would venture to find it
to share it with you
this moment is the one where i say that thing that will change the nature of all things between us
i dare not utter a peep
not yet
not here
i wish instead to keep
the promise inside your quest for what is promised
beside you
mornings burn into evening
the mundane becomes theatre
yes i would give up two sides for it
simply because you would never ask me to
this is the very beginning into a new investigation
thank you

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