Yes Mom, There is Something Wrong
Anthony Edwards

Since Tony told his story on Medium leading me to tell my story , and Mark Driscoll to tell his story, I have been contacted by other victims, loved ones of victims, and witnesses with heartbreaking stories about Goddard’s abuse of teenagers and young adults. If you have a story to tell you can either contact Gus Garcia-Roberts, Reporter, Los Angeles Times at 213–238–7856 or, or write your story and post it on Medium as Tony, Mark and I did, and email the link to Gus which is also what we did. As long as we are speaking the truth Goddard will not sue us for defamation of character, because he knows it’s the truth, and because of the hundreds of witnesses who would come forward on our side in court. If you were 18 or older what happened to you was still unwanted sexual abuse. Just because you were a young adult it was still wrong and/or illegal. Speak out and tell the truth for yourself, for my friend Scott, for the other victims, and for the future victims if we don’t stop this madness. If we can save one boy it will be worth it.

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