Courtney Kendrick Interview

Episode 18 of my podcast, “Entrepreneur Stories,” is live! In this episode, I interview Courtney Kendrick, who is also known as the writer of the C. Jane Kendrick Blog. This had to be one of the easiest interviews I have done yet because Courtney was so fun and easy-going.

Courtney started her blog in 2005 to share her story of dealing with infertility. At one point, Courtney’s blog grew to over 100,000 visitors a day, which opened doors to opportunities, such as book deals and article publications. Courtney has expanded her influence by starting the Provo Concert Series, and she is currently working with community outreach for the Provo mayor.

I’d like to thank Courtney for her time, and I hope you all enjoy the interview. This episode can be found here on iTunes and Stitcher.

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