Interview with Bryce Fisher, Co-Founder of Ravean

Bryce and his Co-Founders team are currently running a Kickstarter for a heated sleeping bag liner. They funded this campaign in 15 minutes! I don’t know if this the record for the fastest time in funding a campaign, but it is pretty impressive. This is Ravean’s second Kickstarter campaign. Last fall, they ran their first campaign for a heated jacket. This campaign raised over a million dollars. Clearly, they understand a thing or two about running crowdfunding campaigns and launching products.

Bryce has a really cool story on how he started off as an entrepreneur at the age of 12 he started mowing lawns and that evolved into him making a ton of money hauling away people’s junk.

I would like to thank Bryce for taking the time to let me interview him.

You can find his Kickstarter campaign here.

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