Publish files to Cornell Box from your application

  • Don’t use email
  • Don’t require fileshare access
  • Allow functional users to control the access list
  • Track who accesses the files
  • Be easy to use for all involved

The Code

Setting up your App with Cornell

Storing Credentials

Using the Box API

Our specific use case and example

from cu_box import clientcredentials_json = client.get_aws_ssm_parameter('box_integration_credentials')
box = client.get_box_client(credentials_json)
service_account = box.user().get()print 'Acting as user:'
print 'Service Account name: {0}'.format(
print 'Service Account login: {0}'.format(service_account.login)
from cu_box import clientEXAMPLE_FOLDER_ID = '40977453470'
EXAMPLE_FILE = './example_file.txt'
credentials_json = client.get_aws_ssm_parameter('box_integration_credentials')
box = client.get_box_client(credentials_json)
client.write_file_to_box(box, EXAMPLE_FILE, EXAMPLE_FOLDER_ID)

That’s it




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