That escalated quickly.

Ok, I’m gonna be honest, those last five months kinda got away from me. I really did plan on writing about my time at Turing as often as I could. It’s just…whoa. It has been stressful and hard and terrifying and also probably the best thing I’ve ever done. Anyway, I’m in the last month or so of the program now (!!) and I’m going to start FORCING myself to write about it even if I’d much rather be reading about or writing code.

Oh, right, I can sort of code now. Not very well, probably, but well enough to make some things that do some stuff. It’s all very exciting. Anyway, I’m in the midst of the job hunt and also now at a point where I can kind of teach myself how to do code-related things that I find interesting, and I’m going to be chronicling these last weeks at Turing and some of the cooler/more ridiculous stuff that I’ve made/will make for fun and school. Hooray!