Online Dating Strategies

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Emails.

This is possibly your most important asset in successful online dating. Most people will pass by a profile with no photo — no matter how fabulous it may be. Most people search for profiles with photos only. Dating is all about chemistry, and nobody wants to end up with whoever is behind door number three.

The Profile. Showing Your Fun Side.

male dating profile
  1. Try to avoid sounding needy or negative. (It’s always best to have a friend desperado-check your profile before you post — especially a friend of the opposite sex.)
  2. Avoid bad puns, clichés and pitiful jokes, such as “Go Ahead, Click My Day” or anything that sounds desperate like “Are You Prince Charming?” or “Searching For Soulmate.
  3. Funny is good, and frankly, nothing works better than humor to intrigue and bring those eligibles flying into your inbox. Here are some interesting ones:

Email Suave.

online dating messages

Safety First!

online dating scam



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