RIP, Scott Weiland

I have a confession to make…

I am responsible for the Scott Weiland account on Twitter that was widely reported on by news outlets over the years.

Photo by: Unknown

The handle, @ScottWeilandSTP, surprisingly verified by Twitter, was managed by myself without Scott’s or his label’s knowledge. However, I ensured that the account was used in a professional manner as so not to tarnish his reputation in any way. I used it to promote his (band’s) events, retweet his fans, etc.

I’d like to share one highlight during my time managing the account. One day, I decided to follow his former Stone Temple Pilots band mates. What began as a joke resulted in a number of online music publications writing about how there’s no bad blood between Scott and STP (who were then recording and touring with temporary lead singer Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)) and that a reunion of the original lineup was happening. Unfortunately, this was no the case. (Post 1, Post 2, Post 3)

I do have a few other stories about my experience personally working with Scott (as a solo artist in 1998 and with STP in 2001), but will save those for another time.

RIP, Scott.