What 2019 Means To Me

Brett Petersel
Jan 3 · 2 min read

I want 2019 to be unlike any year before it. This means I need to step up my game.

At the end of the year, I scroll through every social network, only to be forced to see everyone's goals for the new year. Most are simple (taking the family on vacation), but there a few that go overboard (all the power to them).

Scrolling… and scrolling… and scrolling…

I’ll admit that there are quite a few lists that I’m envious of, and can sit here and type that I want to do everything that they are going to do, but what’s the point in copying and pasting? I think differently than most people, so I should be original, right? I believe so.

Aside from wanting to read one book a week (so far, nailing it) or traveling (we do plenty of it), I created a short list that I want (hope) to accomplish this year.

I want to:

  • write one blog per week about social media (startups, people, tech) and/or general topics.
  • get a speaking role in Simon Barrett’s next film with Adam Wingard.
  • launch TTLTTR, the political news app I’ve been working on.
  • invest in more startups on Republic.
  • re-launch Architecture Records and release some great music.

So, what do you think?

Brett Petersel

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Former Marketing Professional; Social Media for Atari Teenage Riot; Alum: Mashable, The Next Web, Sling TV; Founder/Creator of AlleyWatch, The Community Manager