Why I Love EyeEm, And You Should Too

The photo-sharing craze isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The market for photo-related applications is constantly growing, but the ability to find the right application has become frustrating.

We’re mostly familiar with Instagram and Flickr, two popular photo applications, but there are many other hidden gems to be found. Companies such as Phhhoto, Flipagram, and FrontBack have entered the photo-sharing space with their own unique angles — dual-camera functions, multiple filters, animated effects, and/or creating slideshows with multiple images. They’re all great apps that include fun features and provide a simple way to share what you’re seeing with family and friends, but there’s something missing from each — a true sense of community. This is where EyeEm comes in.

A community & marketplace for real photography

I was first introduced to EyeEm by Drew Olanoff, one of my best friends and EyeEm’s Director of Global Communications. After seeing a number of photos being shared by Drew on Facebook and Twitter, I decided to download the app and see what the hype was all about.

  1. It’s NOT Instagram — It’s better.
    I discovered features that I had not seen anywhere else: a real community, missions (check out this one with Mercedes Benz), and opportunities to sell your photos through their market.
  2. EyeEm is serious about photography.
    EyeEm is about both yourself and your experiences. After taking a photo, you can use one of their great filters, add a description, include its location, and add a tag for others to find (if they’re searching for a certain type of photo or collection).
  3. Participation is encouraged.
    I love EyeEm’s missions. Whether they’re partnering with The Huffington Post or Airbnb, the purpose behind each mission is to capture an experience or feeling through photos. Did I mention that you can win cool prizes? Awesome.

Overall, my experience with EyeEm has been great. As I/we begin to plan some adventures for the near future, I know I will be using EyeEm to share the experiences.

You can view my photos on EyeEm here.