Slow Down

I never realized I was always in a hurry because I never took the time to notice.

When you’re rushed you’re never present. You’re fixated on what’s next at the expense of everything around you. Everything is half assed. Everything is a blur.

Slow Down.

This is my dad’s life advice. Try to slow down every moment, then go half as fast.

It’s excruciating, bearing witness to your mind’s addiction to stimulus. It doesn’t care what it is, it just wants more, new, different. More trump headlines. More promotional emails. Only by depriving it do you get to see how ugly the addition is. Like any addict deprived, watch it scream, claw, lie, and beg for its fix.

Hold on. Even. Slower.

Slower until you start to wonder about what is time actually anyway? It’s so malleable. So interminable. So infinite. How the hell was I short of this stuff? Are we done yet?


Notice the cursor blinking on the screen. The hum of the fridge. The wind outside. The sound of your socks rubbing against your pants. The color of the sky.

That blue. It really is neon fucking blue. Everywhere.

And like coming clean, the world will unravel before you in all of its rapturous beauty. It’s hard to stay focused, even for long enough to write this short post. But it is rewarding.

See you in the slow lane.