“Ratings”, Rankings & Polls: OH MY!!

Allegedly, “ratings” for the @realDonaldTrump episode of Saturday Night Live on November 7th were the highest SNL has seen since 2012. What’s more, as the humble host was quick to report via Twitter: his show out-performed SNL’s season premiere (which featured a Hillary Clinton cameo) by 47%. A logical proxy for the general electorate, for certain!

However, a very telling audience insight may be gleaned from the data around this sideshow. During the very same week, Trump actually slid in the rankings of Tumblr Fandometics celebrities compared to the previous week ending November 2nd:

Though unscientific, we might possibly deduce that very few from the Millennial-driven audience on Tumblr overlapped with the SNL viewership. Do 18–34s even watch live broadcast television anyway? If they watched it at all, it was probably by catching up over Hulu plus!