A New Goals-Based System: A Scientific Approach to Improving at League of Legends #5

My Problems

I set a goal for myself (90th percentile in Worthless Deaths) but I did not have a system to track that goal and help me achieve it.

I also had no way of knowing whether the goal I set was the best goal, the most efficient way to improve my VPR and thereby my winning.

Was it too high? Too easy? Was it the right metric to focus on?

I Am Not Alone!

It turns out that many Elite users were struggling with the same problems. The platform was too vague about what exactly is the best way to improve.

Science to the Rescue

The Vantage Sports’ data science and technology team is incredible.

Philip Maymin (PhD and all-around good guy, except for his love of Teemo) and Kevin Lee (engineering savant and last season plat ranked) got to work developing a customized goals-based system for me (and all Elite users).

The Reveal

Here’s what it looks like…

New Goals-Based Elite!

Suggested goals in 3 categories, Mechanics, Decision-Making and Knowledge.

All Mechanics/Decision-Making goals are two-part (1) achieve a mark in 1 game and (2) achieve that same mark in 5 separate games.

This promotes consistency and improvement.

After I achieve a goal in a category, the goals-system regenerates new goals based on my current VPR.

Help Me Achieve Goal

This link takes you to either a video lesson (for Knowledge Goals) or to Progress and Trends (for Mechanics/Decision-Making Goals).

I can immediately see where my problems are

Progress and Trends Helps Me Achieve My Goals

Customized For Me and My Positions

I tend to play a lot of ADC and MID. Since my VPR differs in each position, my goals should too.

Filters For VPR and Goals

So, in practice I can have lots of current goals. 3 per position.

Goals are customized to my VPR and take into consideration the likelihood of achievement as well as the most important metrics to improve.

It’s awesome.

I am really excited to start achieving goals. I think it will solve my problems of (1) not knowing what goals to set to maximize improvement and (2) keeping track of my progress.

See you on the rift…

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Vantage Elite training platform: get.vantagesports.gg/elite-status/