Transform Your World — OSIsoft UC 2017

Where would I rather be in the middle of March: New Brunswick, Canada or in San Francisco, California? I’m pretty sure that’s a no-brainer!

The 2017 OSIsoft User Conference was held in beautiful San Francisco, California and the RtTech team was well represented.

Boy, what a great week it was!

The Internet of Hotel Things

Sunday was certainly not a day of rest for the RtTech team. Our Senior Software Developer (I prefer the title ‘Linux Master’) Hugues Landry, worked with our friends at OSIsoft and Advantech B+B SmartWorx to establish the framework for the Internet of Hotel Things.

There were a number of Advantech Wzzard IoT devices distributed around key areas of the hotel which formed a communication mesh network. These devices communicated with a Linux Wzzard Gateway, which ran RtTech’s Cipher software. This software translates the IoT protocol (MQTT), to a PI protocol via the PI Web API.

Money Ball’s Billy Beane

I’m a sports fanatic and a data geek. What better combination could there be for me than sports analytics?

The guest keynote speaker at the conference was none other than former Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane. The former A’s GM is perhaps best known for being portrayed by Brad Pitt in the 2011 movie Money Ball. Beane’s open mind and vision allowed for a greater emphasis to be placed on data by members of the Athletic’s front office and eventually, revolutionized the way baseball organizations build their teams.

I think it goes without saying that I hung on to his every word.

IoT Keynote Presentation — Success Stories in IoT

The spotlight was on RtTech during the IoT Keynote Presentation on day 1 of the

conference as Keith Flynn, President and Founder of RtTech Software, participated in the presentation by joining forces with Martin Davis from JDI to explain how RtTech’s Industrial IoT platform Cipher has helped JDI save money on the deployment of new software in one of its manufacturing plants.

“By leveraging the existing systems in the plant and avoiding any unecessary ‘rip and replace’ during the deployment phase of the software roll-out, Cipher’s drop-in solution reduced deployment costs for JDI by nearly 70%,” said Flynn.


There were several off-site activities planned for conference goers. My personal favorite was the Exploratorium.

The event at the Exploratorium was a fun way to meet and network with other conference attendees. The Exploratorium is a well-known museum of science, art, and human perception in San Francisco and features interactive online exhibits and activities as well as stunning views of the Bay.

I did have to do a double-take when I noticed that the water fountain was shaped like a toilet! Just one of the many unique aspects of the Exploratorium. I think the RtTech team had a great night!

Where will the Industrial IoT take us?

There was certainly a theme that continued to pop-up in presentations and conversations throughout the week. There is a genuine excitement within the industry about the momentum being created by the Internet of Things. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and people are taking notice. 2017 is going to be a big year in the evolution of the manufacturing industry. The OSIsoft User Conference 2017 confirmed that people are interested in the latest technology and they are ready to take action.

The IIoT is changing the way the world does business.