Viral Marketing Success In A Snap

Through the years, companies have relied on marketing campaigns to help their product stand out to potential customers. Marketing campaigns have adopted different ideas that with their conception, seem ambitious or unique. However, over time these ideas develop into a marketing standard for all companies to learn from. These standards focus on tactics that effectively helps to market an idea for a certain cause or business. Co-partnering for a campaign is a popular tactic for companies to utilize when a new marketing campaign is presented.

Sprite’s campaign in Brazil is generating buzz worldwide for generating over two million views in days. “RFRSH Na Lata”, meaning “refresh on the can”, the campaign allows Snapchat users a chance to appear on Sprite’s soda cans in Brazil*. To raise awareness for the campaign, Sprite partnered with Brazilian Snapchat stars to have their Snapcodes on cans. According to the agency behind this campaign, CUBOCC, many of the Snapchat stars featured have tripled their fan base in a two-week period as a result of the campaign*.

Additional elements of this campaign include content being promoted on YouTube and Facebook. By making this partnership mutually beneficial, Sprite is not just asking for the reach and influence of Snapchat stars, it’s also offering a valuable incentive. By offering its cans as a promotional medium, Sprite is also promoting the discovery of interesting creators and personalities on Snapchat in Brazil.

When it comes to marketing campaigns, the buzz that surrounds them are essentially the heartbeat of the operation. Factors that surround the campaign and the elements that make them up are what lead to the next big marketing campaign that in its own way, becomes a part of popular culture. Some campaigns are parodied for how strange they seem and others are held in high regard in the marketing field. Whatever their fate may be, if they are recognized in some way, then they can be deemed a success.

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