Naming a brand that stands for something is tough. There is so much to consider, so many angles to think about and often we liked something one day and disliked it the next.

Why we changed?

Originally, we landed on Enso since we liked the mindfulness approach to banking and wealth. Our lending products are dynamic and evolve with our understanding of the client in greater detail, using data as the enabler, hence a ‘continuous and enlightening circle’.

As we continued to review our brand, we saw many entities that utilized Enso as a name and most of these were registered companies.

Additionally, we reflected on our approach as we continue to validate and mature our model and brand. What does Enso mean to us, what does it mean to our clients and how does it reflect our beliefs? …


Brett Hales

Fin-Tech enthusiast, Product Guy, Traveler, Startup Mentor, Founder, UXer.

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