The yellow travel limited is now welcoming the New Year travel research from Norwegian with the rapidly growing airline at the Birmingham international airport

The Yellow Travel Limited which is the topmost providers of taxis from Birmingham airport is now celebrating their twenty-two years of presence in the market business at West Midlands in 2017. This travelling company has broadly welcomed the Norwegian Airlines study as a travel research for holiday makers in the United Kingdom. A recent study reveals that the Reykjavik Capital of Iceland has been the most popular city to receive a large number of bookings from tourist experience.

With rapidly growing airline traffic routes
Today a low-cost Norwegian airline has just revealed some of the most popular travelling experiences for their British holidaymakers in the year 2017. On the basis of a sample of around 10,000 bookings which was made by the travellers, their findings show that the airline is spending more for perfectly beating the queues for providing quicker access to the cultural attractions like museums, historical landmarks, tours for the New Year.
The massive network of the yellow travel group is welcoming the New Year travel research from Norwegian with the rapid increase in the airline from new routes to the Birmingham international airport. The transatlantic flights offer shows that in terms of travelling it can be super affordable international travel in the year 2017. The Norwegian has just made an announcement for the official launch of their much waited after New York service with the route to Edinburgh.

Attracting many tourists
The senior vice president of the Norwegian Reward stated that “the findings made by tour researchers & experts shows that the British tourists demand usually faster accessibility for distinct cultural experiences that can ultimately enhance their holidays. From our point of view, this is a great thing. Usually, European city breaks remain popular, and so we are about to start the more affordable flights on brand new routes for giving our passengers a new flying experience in the United Kingdom according to the choice of passengers.”
With self-sufficient & modern generation engines our travellers can enjoy their journey without any kind of hesitation & can go for a longer distance. We also have the totally different setups from other airlines for better travelling said the chief executive officer of the Norwegian Air shuttle.

Affordability with luxuriousness
Norwegian is one of the most surprising & fastest expanding tourist attractions and so the flight’s network from the United Kingdom. With more than 11 new routes have been launched past year, they are taking almost 4.5 million passengers every year and becoming the Europe’s third biggest low-cost carrier.

Here one of the main elements of opportunities in this point with taxi from Birmingham airport is the mix of affordability & luxuriousness for business passengers so that it can allow the strong volume of traffic all around 2017. The business personnel’s of the Birmingham airport are confident that the route to the Romania will be a great success.

People from different parts of the area are flocking to the Reykjavik for experience the Northern Lights & extremely popular whale-viewing tours of the country. Apart from that U.K. tourists are also showing an increment in booking for the convenience to skip most of the line entry to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, prior accessibility to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin & a no wait pass of the Vatican Museums, Saint Peter, Sistine Chapel’s all are making the entry in top 10. Let’s have a look at the full list:

  • Tours of Northern Lights, Reykjavik.
    • The Eiffel Tower skips the full line experience.
    • The whale watching three-hour trip from Reykjavik.
    • The Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum for a full-day tour from Krakow.
    • The Venice Marco international Airport transfer with the shared water taxi.
    • The Burj Khalifa-Entry tickets to the world’s biggest building in Dubai at Levels 124 & 125.
    • The Paris tour: Moulin Rouge show with champagne.
    • The priority entrance to Guinness storehouse of Dublin with a free pint of Guinness.
    • A special purpose No wait for a pass for the Vatican Museums, saint peter’s church & Sistine Chapel.
    • Alhambra, Genera life & Nasrid Palaces full guided tour.

It doesn’t matter at all whichever adventures activity appeals you the most as the Birmingham airport taxi will always look forward to taking care of all your needs with the great services of their own. The planes are very fuel efficient & have totally different setups from other airlines for better travelling.