Yellow travel Limited is celebrating it’s the bumper new year 2017 with the recent announcement of new blue air route at Birmingham airport

The leading service provider of Birmingham airport taxi services is now celebrating their twenty-two years in business market in the West Midlands, 2017 has just made an announcement to include the brand new route to Cluj- Napoca in the midst thereby welcomed the Blue Air’s decision to commence a brand new route for celebrating the record-breaking New Year 2017 at the Birmingham international gateway. The yellow travel limited is delightful to experience this news with the travellers and made their official announcement.

Good news on the arrival thanks to Blue Air
With January being the busiest month because of festive period with around 30,000 passengers representing the total increase of 30% per year the atmosphere at the international airports has been electric. With almost 15,000 people were reunited on the Christmas Day which is a marginal increase of almost 83% from the last year & along with this thing it has been noted that the top three destinations were Dubai, Malaga & Tenerife. And people are mostly jetting off to the Madrid, India, Bucharest, Dublin, Paris, Montego Bay, Edinburg & Amsterdam. The whole purpose of this data is to show you that the people are making their travels mostly affordable & convenient by choosing the holiday packages. Thanks to the Blue Air who is Romania’s biggest hybrid carrier has made an official announcement of launching flights three times per week from the Birmingham airport to the Cluj- Napoca (second largest city in the country) after few weeks.

The chief commercial officer of the Blue Air has confirmed that “it is the proud moment for all of us at the Blue Air to present our valuable travellers the three-time flights on a weekly basis from & to the heart of Transylvania”, thereby demonstrating the key value of Birmingham airport to Blue Air.

New architectural delights are waiting for the passengers
With this kind of positive & inspiring international news story which is impacting the whole region the airport authority is delighted to continue its offer of providing the finest taxi from Birmingham Airport in the area of West Midlands. The local airport has witnessed the great strength in its airline. Thereby, the Birmingham international airport has been looking forward to providing a great experience to their passengers with the new destination’s architectural delights & a superior Birmingham Airport taxi service throughout 2017 & beyond. The airport has the potential to provide their valuable customers with an efficient & affordable service that will surely make airport authority proud said one of the spokespeople.

Recently clinched the world class airport in punctuality
The Birmingham international airport has discovered that the local international gateway has respectfully earned the title of prestigious global honour & an official title of the world’s most preferred international airport in terms of punctuality in the year 2016. In that process, the Birmingham airport has beaten the major airports of the world in tough competition from North America, Oceania, Asia & the rest of Europe. The airport has recorded 55 million of flights for the examination process.

The staff works closely with the airlines & mainly handles the agents to make sure that the delays which are sometimes within our control are to be kept as low as possible. The airport authority thanked the official partners for their continued efforts & hard work for making Birmingham airport as the world’s most punctual airport without any kind of hesitation. The airports of United Kingdom have always been leaders in providing the great level of services to its customers in the global aviation industry by delivering the high-quality services said the senior analyst of OAG.
Huge investment in airport infrastructure
Yellow Travel Limited, the leading service provider of Birmingham Airport taxi, is celebrating twenty-two years in the business market in the West Midlands, 2017. Every year the Birmingham international airport has been making a huge investment to improve their overall infrastructure and which is clearly reflecting in their performance. In last 10 years, they have invested around £350 million pounds to improve the airport infrastructure and further working on to make another £120 million pounds of investment in coming development project to provide greater facilities to their travellers.

The recent success achieved by the Birmingham international airport is just another trendsetting example of how the United Kingdom’s regional airports are creating world-class facilities. They are growing their networks for the greater connectivity to the regional communities & providing valuable economic growth by greater services & better facilities to their valuable travellers.