GrubHub — please make favoriting easy on Android

Dear great folks at GrubHub,

Please see the screenshots below and notice how unnecessarily difficult it is to favorite a restaurant using your Android app. It was hard to find and hard to tap. Not thumb friendly at all. Paul Fritt would not be happy.

Then please look at the same feature on other systems. Very easy and thumb friendly. Fitt would be very happy.

So…could you please make favoriting easy on your Android app. God forbid I have to work hard to get my food delivered to my door ;-)

Thank you!


Before setting YardHouse as a favorite on GrubHub…

Finally found the favorite icon. That is the only tap-able area. So it’s hard to find and hard to tap.

See the big “Saved” button below on BeyondMenu’s app? Now that’s easy!

Or that big “bookmark” button? That’s easy too.

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