Data point to the womb as the origin of homosexuality
Bradley Cooke

I am a DES child, that is, I was exposed to the powerful artificial estrogen diethylstilbestrol when I was gestating near the end of the first and into the second trimesters of my gestation. My mother was at risk of miscarriage and at her young age and my being a twin, the risk merited DES. This we know. We also know that my body is quite “in between” the sexes: my figure digit ratio is female, my pelvis wider than most XY people, my arms, legs, hands feet, face, vocal range: all on the “feminine side of in-between.” My endocrine system: odd. My gender: essentially female. My sexuality: female “flavoured” asexual. I inhabit the blurry space between transsexual and intersex. I am a woman, a woman of transgender experience…

…So what happened in my gestation? We conjecture that the extremely high levels of estrogen via DES cause my testes to stop producing testosterone via the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (a negative-feedback system that regulates hormones in humans of both sexes). Without testosterone to re-wire my brain at that critical stage of development, my brain remained in the default female state, and other parts of my body that would have changed due to testosterone did not change either. I am a form of intersex that has yet to find a clinical consensus, but I suspect that will happen in the next few years as endocrine disruption in humans is recognized as it is in other mammals, and indeed throughout the animal kingdom where estrogen and testosterone are part of life.

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