True story: women did not fight for sex-segregated spaces.
Na.tasha Tr.oop

I have noticed a few cis women get very defensive about breastfeeding, but the fact is trans women’s breasts can nourish children also, and a number of ours have…

…For much of last year, I hormonally simulated a pregnancy so that I could donate breast milk, and even possibly wet nurse a child this year. When I went to my local hospital’s breastfeeding class in February, I was the only woman who was already lactating enough to support a child. (I also got postpartum depression for my trouble — it’s hormonal) I confided my effort to a number of doctors who were (frankly) amazed, and the women doctors were thrilled for me (they “got” why I would want to do this). Oddly, most of the negativity and push-back I’ve experienced has come from other trans women who do not understand why I would even consider lactating.

For interested readers a diary of my experience can be read on my Facebook Notes page entitled Induced Lactation — A Transgender Woman’s Experiment”