Medium .1

Hi Medium-ers,

It’s nice to meet you all.

This is my first story for Medium!

I’ve been perusing the site for the last few months. So it seems fitting to take a moment and thank you all for documenting and sharing such a diverse array of experiences and occurrences. I understand it’s not easy to share personal experiences with complete strangers, which is something that’s always been a personal struggle for me as well. Beyond that are the topics that I have seen discussed; ranging from motivational topics, to raising children, all the way to discussions of intellectual property, and everything in between.

But something about Medium immediately captured my attention. It’s like no other place on the web.

There are so many outlets for personal expression today, so many opportunities to reach an astounding number of individuals through channels that must have sounded like zany science fiction just a couple of decades ago. But none seem as powerful as Medium. It’s such a unique place to actually connect with other human beings.

I’ve never come across a story that wreaked of self promotion, or had any traits in common with the millions of “click-bait” articles that are churned out every day from the seemingly endless production line of content producers. It’s a place where individuals can actually maintain a discussion of the topic in the comments section without aggression or insolence. It’s not for the likes, or the shares, or the ReTweets, or even brand or product promotion. (For the most part.) There aren’t any ads, or popup windows pestering you to dedicate time to things you have no interest in. Medium finally allows users a place for thoughtful introspection and intellectual discussion.

So thank you Medium; and thank you all for continuing to create and share content relating to all walks of life and personal experiences.

-Brett Becker

P.S. It’s the most refreshing thing in the world (Possibly the Universe) to finally find a “Medium” that is devoid of the Kardashian Complex. (< Social Theory I’m currently developing, more to follow.)