The Rise is a weekly compilation telling the stories behind the world’s most interesting and important companies.

Here is the outline for this week’s edition of The Rise:

  1. 🌅 The Rise: Video Games — quick primer on the state of the market
  2. 👾 The Rise of Epic Games — a featured company profile
  3. 🕹 The Rise of the Rest — links…

A long term perspective on value creation in times of economic turbulence.

The Innovation Landscape Has Changed

During periods of serious economic turbulence, experience and data tell us that several things are bound to occur that impact the innovation landscape. This, in turn, creates unique opportunities for adaptable corporations capable of moving with purpose to seize them.

1. Corporations significantly pull back from investment & collaboration
The vacuum…

Feeding the accumulating advantage flywheel

In assessing the strategy that has allowed Benchmark to remain at the top of the of the venture capital industry for two decades, I laid out three core pillars that guide the way the firm operates.

  1. Founder-led Insight — Benchmark is allergic to trends, top-down thinking & thesis-driven process.
  2. Early…

Seth Klarman, Benchmark, and seeing the present clearly

“Throw that crystal ball out, you can’t predict anything. What you can do is recognize when lightning strikes.” — Peter Fenton, Benchmark

“The financial markets are far too complex to be incorporated into a formula.” — Seth Klarman

For venture investors, a clearly articulated investment thesis is part and parcel to a good elevator pitch — the way that those you are doing business with quickly size you up.

LPs want to back VCs that possess a strong point of view on the future that they are deploying…

In an email exchange the other day, a friend and fellow investor in early stage fitness and sports companies made the comment that the at-home fitness market may be hitting the peak of its “Uber for X” curve — meaning, tons of company formation and an (over)abundance of capital riding…

9 key ways the world of the wellness-driven consumer is evolving.

We are living through a transformational cultural unbundling of consumer preferences driven by the rise of the wellness-driven consumer. …

Venture capital in its traditional form is an amazing product for the right companies (and a great career path for the right investors). This is proven out in the data, as the industry’s impact punches above its weight relative to how much capital is deployed in the sector.

One of the many echo chambers my Twitter account seems to be a part of is the Lambda School echo chamber. …

Why there is a massive opportunity for next generation companies to build around the wellness-driven consumer.

We are living through a transformational cultural unbundling of consumer preferences in personal and professional contexts.

One-size fits all brands, media, and retailers leveraging economies of scale for mass market exploitation.

Global networks of niches and tastemaker-driven communities redefining the customer experience and creating entirely new systems of meaning

Behavioral economics has seen its mindshare grow significantly in the investing world over the last decade as more and more people have used it as a primary lens for how to think about decision making.

In 2000, well after people like Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky began making their contributions…

Brett Bivens

Early Stage Venture Investor @ TechNexus

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