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As I’ve let people know on other PizzaGate discussions, I came to this from the far-left. This really isn’t about alt-right, anti-Obama, MAGA, rural America. We are looking for an MSM writer who will address the concerns of PizzaGate, not label it right off the bat as FakeNews/alt right/etc. This isn’t about labels. Please, Claire and the Ringer, if you write about this again take a wider approach and listen to the people advocating for investigation. If you want to stay far-left on this narrative, we on the left ignored and mocked the right for the past 8 years, and see what happened? People want and deserve to be heard regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum. We have a PEOTUS that we are very wary about and we still aren’t listening to his supporters! We had Obama, we didn’t listen. We have Trump, we’re still not listening. When PizzaGate is shown to be true everyone who wrote about it inadequately will have egg on their face. (Writing adequately does not entail saying it is true or false, it is writing about it as an issue, not slapping a label on it without bothering to lift the hood and see what might actually be happening.) This issue is so difficult to digest, so distrubing, so dark that I understand why individual writers may shy away, but the media is made up of journalist and someone in the MSM is going to have to write honestly about the issue and soon. Keep researching, Claire! Thanks so much.

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