Ask your local cashier to count you change back… most cannot.

I agree whole-heartedly. We, as a nation, need to change our perspective on mathematics. I wrote this article not to defend common core really, but to defend math. When changes to math standards are made, people are quick to hate on math. It devalues the importance of math.

Imagine a little kid trying to do there homework and a parent walking up and saying, “That’s so stupid. What are they teaching you? I hate math.” Children are impressionable and that statement sends the message that math isn’t valued in the family. A more appropriate response might be, “That’s different that what I learned. Let’s figure it out.”

When we create a positive discourse around mathematics, we give it value again. We separate the math from politics, implementation, and testing issues. We can make our voices heard to improve upon changes, instead of going backwards. That’s why I write. I love math and think others will too if they give it a chance to be understood.

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