they would need to find the remainder when 2015 is divided by 7.
Sorry Brett, as a professional mathematician, I have to disagree.
Robert Craigen

Well perhaps if he’d been taught number sense when he forgot/didn’t know the division algorithm instead he’d have the problem solving acumen to think,

“there are 100 7’s in 700, so there’s 200 in 1400, 300 in 2100…that’s 85 overshot. 7 times 12 is 84, so take away 12 sevens from 300. That mean’s 288 x 7 = 2016, take off 1 more 7 leaves us with 287 and 6/7 left over.”

Depending on algorithms we don’t fully understand is what leads to horror stories like this! Sometimes it takes some thought to get an answer w/o the algorithm, but it is dependable because one can figure it out in a pinch!

Thanks for your input on the subject!!

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