Intolerant Liberals
Tucker FitzGerald

Excellent article, very well written.

If I may inject another perspective, the Right is Islamophobic (a really pathetic term, they are not afraid they are assholes) and using racism and Christianity first bigotry to fuel their outrage, but as a Liberal I do see a shard of their concern.

From the barbarism of the scriptures, to the vile treatment of women, to the backward nature of the culture of Islam we see something that is in exact opposition to how America is supposed to work.

Don’t get me wrong, this failing exists within all the Abrahamic religions. It is just as wrong and deliberately ignorant to say that America is a Christian nation as it is to say that Islam is a religion of peace. That just is not the case.

We have to at least acknowledge that the religion of Islam carries with it a motherlode of demons that are contrary to the way Americans want our society operated. The reasons the Right Wing demonstrates fear of Sharia may be rooted in Christian dogma, but they are just as contrary and insulting to Liberal ideology as well.

Yes the Right is wrong to use Christian first hate speech and racism to criticize Muslims, we all know it will not aid in fostering modernity within Islam, but there needs to be a voice from Liberals that at least recognizes a threat to what we all hold so dear, or they will continue to think of us as idiots who don’t know any better.

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