Brett Evans
Jun 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Advantages and Perks of Bottle Services at Nightclubs

For those, planning to enjoy a night out with their friends at any of the premium clubs, booking a bottle service comes as an ideal option. Although, bottle service is likely to come as an expensive affair, considering the admission charges to the club or the number of drinks which will be ordered and consumed by your group, it is surely beneficial, especially for men’s entry into the club.

Most of the premium nightclubs restrict the entry of men’s group especially for long hours. But, with bottle service also known as hosted entrance, one can spend as much quality time as he wants with his buddies in the nightclub on Sutton Barcelona VIP table or others. Contrary to the general assumption that, bottle service is only for the rich and elite class of people, the fact is otherwise.

The cost includes the following:

Cover charges of the club

VIP entry

Waitress gratuity


No waiting time

Booking a bottle service for Pacha Barcelona VIP table does away with the troubles of you having to wait in line for around two hours. This is sure to make you wonder as to what stopped you from coming here sooner rather than why come at this place. By paying for VIP services, one can take care of every issue and concerns like, not having to wait for long hours for the sake of a table, as you are immediately assured of one. Also, bottle services, apart from taking care of everything, may also result in the nightclub offering your group a complimentary bottle of drink.

Apart from the above, some of the additional perks offered by bottle service are, it makes you feel like a celebrity what with VIP treatment being meted out to you and your group, by the nightclub. The management of the club, by treating you with utmost respect and importance, makes you experience the feeling of royalty. And, with bottle services allowing you the facility of owning a private table, the need for seeking attention of the bartender for drinks every now and then, is done away with. One can come and go as per his convenience. Bottle services make it easy for group of guys to attract attention of the fairer sex at the club.

There are several companies that have young professionals for catering the best services to all nightclubs. Since their experience is too much in the industry of hospitality and nightlife, visitors won’t face any issues with regards to Opium VIP table. They give a very good treatment to VIP clients. There are many nightclubs all across the world and these service providers make it easy.

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