Applications 2 Panel Report

I think that the biggest take away, for me at least, is that Human Centered Design and Engineering is very multifaceted. Jake discussed how he believes that drawing and other art forms are good skills to have for ideation and talked about the core elements of the ideation process, such as no idea being a bad idea. The largest thing that stood out to me was just going through the process and explaining how ideation was used to convey ideas that words can not (even for a language expert). From Katie I was intrigued by how she was not just focused on technology design, like a lot of people assume when they think of user research in HCDE. She took a very unique and creative approach that showed how user research is more than just interacting with an iPhone or webpage. This was especially relevant when she talked about just conducting research on a process instead of a physical object. I also enjoyed how her user research highlighted how much the design process is incorporating and modifying existing ideas into new one. This reminded me of the book “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon. I think I will use this knowledge to try to bring more diversity into my projects. HCDE in general is a very diverse field that flourishes not from having one specialty, but instead, bringing many different experience from your background and applying them in ways people never though was possible.

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