2018 Resolutions

We’re ready for you, 2018.

Top Five

  1. Faith/Spiritual growth
  2. Family/Abbey — Prepare/invest in our future family together. Top priority of 2018. Be available, be proactive, “change light bulbs” more at home.
  3. Service — military leadership, public service, reading, preparation.
  4. Friends — Invest more in personal friendships — more coffees, spontaneous calls, top of mind.
  5. Community — Invest in Abbey and I’s church, HTC.us. Also work/neighborhood community.

Habits/routine —

Wake everyday 5:30a. Don’t leave time to think in the morning, just layout clothes the night prior and crush it at the gym. Find a workout buddy/accountability partner.

Spiritual— first thing after workout, spend 10mins reading Bible.

Walk to work — Podcast

Be at office at 8a sharp.

Morning is about: THINKING, READING, PLANNING — until 10a.

Set business meetings for lunch, not breakfast.

Afternoon is for calls, coffees, COMMUNICATING.

Bed by 10p — make “list” for next day, set out clothes night before. Close email before 10a, after 9p.

Fill time gaps with:

1) Phone calls — keep names on Notes, parents, Best Friends List

2) Reading a book on iPhone

Specific Words of the year /themes -

“Change the lightbulbs” more for Abbey

Live like George Bailey — Its a Wonderful Life

Specific professional goals-

Raise NextGen Fund 2

Get promoted to lieutenant colonel in Army National Guard

Read 1 book every month

Write more: blogs/Twitter. Pick themes — Greatest Generation, my grandpas, service, “the 7th Sense”

Broad themes -

Professionally, focus time on your strengths: hunting, promoting, connecting, leading.

Do things Abbey and I enjoy together — making a fire in the fireplace, bike rides, walks in neighborhood

Have more Courage and Conviction through reading/learning: political, business, religious values.


Make her feel special every day — acts of service, words of affirmation.

1x per month dinner hosted at our house

1x per month movie night

Open house for family in February 2018

Open house for neighbors in March 2018

Open house for DC friends in April/May

Specific Professional Habits -

1-Standing Wed breakfast at Four Seasons Gtown — BUSINESS

2-Standing Thursday breakfast at Harriet’s — FRIENDS

3-Write 2 handwritten notes per day

4-Increase time w/mentors- meet with one biz mentor, one spiritual mentor per month

Happy 2018 to you. I wish you and your goal achievement all my best. Please write me if you have ideas or feedback — brett@nextgenvp.com.