Are you letting superstition control your behavior?
Lev Karasin

Some definitions of superstition are: 1) excessive credulous belief in and reverence to supernatural beings. 2) a widely held, but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences or an action or an advent, or a practice based on a belief.

For #1 above, any credulous belief of anything supernatural is excessive. To believe in the supernatural requires logical fallacies, belief without evidence, not thinking critically, or succumbing to naturally evolved cognitive mechanisms called human biases. There has never been any viable evidence for the supernatural. It is best to conclude that the supernatural does not exist, and act accordingly. Superstition belief is a result human beings misinterpreting reality, as they often naturally do. Countermeasures to such supernatural belief would be the development of expertise in and application of critical thinking skills, and the understanding the litany of known human biases, and then developing countermeasures to the human biases which humans can exert control over (some human biases are always unavoidable).

In conclusion, the answer to the question: “Are you letting superstition control your behavior” is NO, since the supernatural in all cases are myths and misinterpretations of reality — and yes the supernatural includes god beliefs. What does control you is a lack of critical thinking skills in your tool box (critical thinking is thinking about how we think — and we probably all could do this better from time to time), and the understand of naturally evolved human biases (there are many of them — search for a listing as they can be reveling). An interesting exercise for the author would be to study critical thinking skills and human biases, and rewrite this article based on these more robust models of reality without unknowingly or accidentally presupposing the supernatural. :) PEACE.

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