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Brett Gunter
Apr 10, 2018 · 2 min read


As a part of BYU Flux I got to do some consulting work for Cake a new mobile browser that’s designed to improve the browsing experience by loading results first instead of a list of results. The task was to design some usability tests that would compare Cake to Chrome and Safari and see which was faster in varying situations. We also collected data on users’ preferences between the browsers to help Cake define it’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Usability Test

To test the effectiveness of Cake browser we chose four browsing situations to recreate in each browser: Trivia, Shopping, Video, News. For each situation we had two similar prompts that we randomized between each user’s native browser and Cake. We timed each task to see in each scenario which browser was faster for the user.

  • Top grossing movie U.S. of 1995 — Answer: Toy Story
  • Top grossing movie worldwide in 2002 — Answer: Lord of the Rings
  • Find Mammut backpack under $100
  • Find new dakine backpack under $40
  • Find the most recent video uploaded by ThePianoGuys — Answer: The sweetest gift- If you’re missing someone this Christmas this song’s dedicated to you — The Piano Guys ft Craig Aven
  • Find the most recent video uploaded by DevinSuperTramp — Answer: Bouncy House sledding down mountain
  • Why has there been a spike in phone calls to poison control recently? — Answer: Tide Pod Challenge
  • What is the diamond recently discovered in Lesotho worth? — Answer: $40 million

The Results

The results from our testing showed that for most tasks the users were faster at completing the task with their native browser. However, many users said they preferred the experience of cake browser even though it took them longer to complete the task with the app. Below is the google sheet with all of our data collected:

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